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Hi. My name is Rob Fore and yes!

That’s a picture of me in a hospital gown, hooked up to an I.V., sharing my story with over 400 sharp, capable, success-oriented online entrepreneurs… just like you… at a recent My Lead System Pro event.

We have a lot of fun at these live events (as you might imagine!), yet when we ‘mic up’ and step out on stage…

When all the leaders and all the producers and all the movers-and-shakers who make an impression on you in your world ‘suit up and show up’ to provide value to in the market place by:

  • cutting a new training video
  • hosting a weekly webinar, or
  • leading a new mastermind session

… the REASON we do ALL of that is to change lives and make a difference.

To help YOU take your business, income and lifestyle to the next level.

I mean, that’s the bottom line. And all you have to take full advantage and to stack the odds of success in your favor is to show up, be coachable and take action on all the proven tips, tricks and inside secrets I am going to share with you – right here, right now – about what it really takes to put your business on a profitable fast track on the internet using My Lead System Pro.

Oh, by the way. Just so you know…

MLSP resultsI am currently the #1 all time affiliate earner with MLSP so, yeah…

I might just have a few tips, tricks and inside secrets up my sleeve to help you get more leads, sponsor more reps, make more sales and build a profitable business fast.

Can you imagine?

How will your life be different when you learn how to:

  • Produce over 33,816 leads on demand
  • Refer over 2,563 people into one or more of the opportunities you promote and
  • Rake in well over $760,963 in affiliate commissions on the front end…

… PLUS millions on the backend? (income disclaimer!)

It’s possible. I’ve done it. Starting from scratch. And it you stick with me here… I promise to show you exactly HOW we produced those results and WHAT you can do to get started today. Because the bottom line is…

My Lead System Pro Review – The Bottom Line

MLSP works… if you work it!

Plain and simple. MLSP works, if YOU work it.

Because there is no magical way to build a profitable business fast. No secret shortcut. No one-click wonder programs that suck out leads off the internet like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner. No product that really sells itself or program that works… even if you don’t! Listen…

There is no “easier path” than “getting in, getting busy” and seeing it through for the long haul.

Because success takes time, and there is a lot of WORK involved. And lots of NEW learning.

Especially if you are brand new.

And if you are good with all of that, meaning, you are HONESTLY LOOKING for a real-world way to generate more leads… sponsor more reps… make more sales… brand yourself and build a real-world profitable business you can be proud of… MLSP could very well be answer you are looking for. Let’s take a closer look.

What is My Lead System Pro ?

My Lead System Pro is an online training system that teaches you how to generate traffic, leads and sales online – even while you sleep. It is also a stand-alone business opportunity so you get now get paid even when people decide not to join your downline.MLM Lead System Pro

When you first start a home-based business, chances are, your upline leaders encouraged you to put together a list of at least 100 family, friends and co-workers. You might have been given a phone book to help jog your memory. Then you were to contact all of these people (even those you haven’t spoken with in years!) and ask them to take a look at your program.

Let me ask you, “How did that work out?” Most people never put together this list nor to they call every one they know. If you did, you may actually sign up a few customers and even a few business builders… but what happens when you have exhausted your list? My Lead System Pro is the answer to that question.

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MLM attraction marketing forms the foundation of this system. You will learn to get your product, service and business opportunity in front of the people who are actually searching for exactly what you are promoting while they are in the “shopping” or “searching” mode. This gives you targeted traffic, leads and sales. Good stuff.So what is the difference that makes all the difference between the 97% who fail to build a profitable business and the 3% who create a fortune in residual income? Leads. Leads are the name of the game. Plain and simple. Get more leads and you will build a profitable business.

Here’s What My Lead System Pro Can Do For You

When I first joined My Lead System Pro back in August of 2010, honestly, the concept did not make sense to me. The idea was we would learn how to attract OTHER frustrated network marketers, show them how to build a business online and somehow this would help me build my MLM business?!

But there were a lot of top producers who swore by the system so I sign up and simply followed the simple step-by-step instructions get set up. Then, after reviewing about a dozen different marketing methods, I decided to focus on blogging and SEO – a method many other leaders were using to promote My Lead System Pro as well.

First 90 days I added one new article or video to the My Lead System Pro system and promoted the content using social media, free classified ads, SEO, video and even Facebook. At first nothing much happened. Then I got a couple of leads… then a few leads per day… and at the end of 90 days we have pulled in over 800 leads, make $4,000 in affiliate commissions and had personally sponsored 12 new people in my business who all called me.

My Lead System Pro Review

THEN the system started making sense. Because it turns out that MOST people struggle to build a profitable business once they run out of warm marketing contacts. So when you lead with solutions versus a sales pitch, these people come to know, like and trust you as a leader. My Lead System Pro is a leadership creation platform.

So now the leads start to flow and you will find a few people actually join and you earn a nice commissions. Then, using an automatic email follow system that comes with the program, you keep in contact and what happens is my of these people will call you and literally ask to join your business – and they don’t even care what it is?

And, yeah, I understand it sounds like a pipe dream but it is true. In the past 2.5 we have recruited over 1,000 active distributors – most of whom called me! – from a total of over 19,247 leads generated. So what is the next step? Take a $2 3-day test drive and check it out. You will be glad you did.


  • Easy Step-By-Step Fast Start
  • Daily/Weekly Live Trainings
  • Free Value-Based Webinars
  • Earn 30-100% Pure Profits
  • Proven MLM Attraction Marketing System

One of the biggest challenges to building a profitable business online is to learn to stop pitching whatever it is you are promoting and start leading with value. Start solving people’s problems first, then gently guide them to the solution they are looking for. And My Lead System Pro makes this easy to do on two fronts.

First, you can promote any number of ready-to-marketing free My Lead System Pro webinars that teach people how to generate leads, use social media, blog for traffic, crank up their SEO efforts and more. So now instead of always trying to sell people – you actually become a valuable resource, a trainer and marketing consultant.

Now, instead of you having to hunt down more people to approach – you will find people start to hunt you down. They start to follow you on Facebook and Twitter and comment on your blog. You have become a credible authority and people now start to call you and ask if they can join your team. People like to do business with people they know, like and trust and that will be you.

My Lead System Pro

Here’s What You Want To Do Next

Click the link to sign up for a $2 3- day trial. Follow the Fast Start Tutorial and review the training academy when instructed. Spend about a week just reviewing the various proven marketing methods. I joined My Lead System Pro back in August of 2010 and, after getting set up, was able to produce 800 leads, sponsor 12 people and earn over $4,000 in subscription commissions in less than 90 days.

Can you imagine? Isn’t that result a whole lot different than picking up the phone to sift, sort and qualify? Of course. My Lead System Pro puts in back in control and give you the chance to finally build a professional online business like a professional versus a cold-call telemarketer.

Marketing online gives you the opportunity to get your product, service and business opportunity in front of hundreds, even thousands of people per month who are actively shopping and searching for whatever it is you are promoting. Once you have the My Lead System Pro system set up, you’ll find My Lead System Pro is exactly what you have been looking for. The KEYS to the kingdom.

Every day thousands, even tens of thousands of people sit down in front of their computers and look for a variety of produces, services and work from home business opportunities. All you need to do to cash in is to get your value-rich content in front of these hungry-for-more prospects and potential customers in real time.

With My Lead System Pro you get step-by-step instructions and access to both online and offline training methods. We host daily leaderships calls and Google Hangout events and give you 24/7 access to a huge support team. Get in, plug in and you will soon master the art and science of marketing using Facebook, blogging, SEO, paid ads and more. Much more. You get it all.

Every you need to know to put your affiliate marketing or network marketing business on the fast track can be found within this system. Now is the time. It is your turn to finally get paid what you are worth. Failure is no longer an option and when you join today – success is right around the corner. Join today. Right here. Right now.

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Since 1996, Rob Fore has built five six-figure, even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in his spare time online. He is a best-selling author, teacher, trainer, motivational speaker and million dollar income earner in MLM.

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