Magnetic Sponsoring

Looking into Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring system?

Good for you. Because what you are about to discover may surprise… even SHOCK YOU… to discover just how easy it really can be to take your business to the next level once you check out this magnetic sponsoring review.

What is Magnetic Sponsoring ?

Magnetic Sponsoring

Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard

So what is this Magnetic Sponsoring review about?

Perhaps is it best to talk about what the system is NOT because traditional networking methods pretty much sucks:

  • Cold calling dead beat leads
  • Pestering family, friends and co-workers
  • Dragging people to hotel meetings and home meetings
  • Car magnets, bandit signs, handing out fliers
  • Approaching anyone who can fog a mirror

All these methods and techniques have gone the way of the ‘dinosaur’ when it comes to building a profitable downline fast.

They still work, but the reality is when you learn to embrace attraction marketing (as taught by “magnetic sponsoring” … you can build a much bigger, much more profitable team… much, much faster… and with a whole lot less headache and hassle.

Here’s the magnetic difference in a nutshell…

On an average day, how many NEW people (people you do not know) can you effectively prospect?

Two, maybe three? And how long would you be willing to keep this up?

Because, on average, if you are approached only 2-3 people per day – you will only sponsor 2-3 people per month and it takes about 100 new, personal sign ups to get enough momentum going to create a 6-figure business.

Compare that to being able to generate over 100 fresh leads per day and personally sign up 1-2 new distributors PER DAY.

Now that is the difference that makes all the difference!

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One of the most effective ways to take your opportunity to the next level is to embrace the art and science of using “funded proposals” as popularized by Mike Dillard in his book Magnetic Sponsoring – which we are talking about in this review.

The idea is to stop pitching and selling your opportunity to anyone who can fog a mirror and start leading with free content, free training, free bootcamps and free offers that give value first.

It works like this. Ask…

Who is the person MOST LIKELY to invest in your product, service or network marketing deal if and when they come to know it exists?

Once you have that answer, now you want to make it a point to find out how you can best meet them where they are and help them solve a problem.

Magnetic Sponsoring Review

Ask any top producer in the industry what is the secret to success and they will tell something like – you must “show the plan” to at least two new people per day, for 3-5 years, and then you will have set yourself up for life. Which is true, but imagine how fast your business will grow when you learn how to generate 20, 30 even 100+ quality MLM leads on a daily basis!

Back in August of 2010, I joined a program called My Lead System Pro (MLSP) to learn how to do exactly that – to start pulling in 20, 30 even 100+ MLM leads per day… every day… on complete autopilot. I signed up and simply followed the step-by-step instructions.

Within 90 days over 800 people had asked to learn more about the network marketing program I was promoting at the time… I sponsored 12 new distributors who all call me… and we earned an extra $4,000 in affiliate commission that I wasn’t expecting from the MLSP system itself. Bottom line: building a business fast had become fun again. And profitable!

Magnetic Sponsoring Mike Dillard

Now this Magnetic Sponsoring review may sometimes go against the grain of exactly what the majority of networkers think. Which isn’t a bad thing, really, considering 97% of networker never make a profit. So if you want to find yourself in the top three percent… do what the dot three percent do. Be willing to learn, do and teach new things and see how far it takes you.

When Mike Dillard started, he used direct response and direct mail to execute his lead generation machine. Which still works today. But the internet has leveled the playing for everyone – me, you and everyone on your team.

You can build a very significant business fast on the internet on a shoe string. Many have done it. Now it is your turn.

Magnetic Sponsoring review – Mike Dillard teaches you…

  • Proven Attraction Marketing Methods
  • How Lead Prosperity Leads to Prosperity
  • How to Use Free Offers, Splash Pages, Proven Campaigns
  • How to Earn a Profit Even When Prospects Do Not Join
  • How to Brand Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche

Magnetic Sponsoring contains a free 7-day attraction marketing course that is delivered directly to your email. Review the videos, take notes and get started. You will meet Mike face-to-face and he will teach you exactly what he did to create an 8-figure business in just a few short years. It’s a great series which you really want to sink you teeth into and give it a long, hard review. I’ve actually purchased the book FIVE times over the years because I keep lending it out and not getting it back.

Plus, I always want to review any changes Mike Dillard makes because the fastest way to produce a result is to simply copy someone producing that result.

You will also discover the best ways to brand yourself as a genuine professional in the network marketing market. To become the “go to” guy or gal people are looking for. Because let’s face it – people are slightly begging to be led and all you need to do to take advantage is to reveal yourself to be the leader they are looking for. Magnetic Sponsoring lays out the how and why to get it done in complete detail.

Another thing to consider is cash flow. In most network marketing programs, it is going to take a few months to a few years to build a team large enough to pay you a nice six-figure income. You have to find a way to get paid now, each month, so you have the cash flow and financial encouragement to stay in the game long enough to build a big business. So you will discover the art and science of the “funded proposal” and, believe me, that is the difference that makes all the difference in the world.

One world of warning, however… Mike Dillard popularized the FUNDED PROPOSAL concept in his “Magnetic Sponsoring” course but he left it up to you to implement it. Which is far easier said than done. Yet there are few plug-n-play profit programs available now that can help you get started of the fast track. My Lead System Pro is the one I use and and you can take a $2, 3-day test drive here.

Now, once you start leading with value versus a sales pitch, you may be surprised… no SHOCKED… to discover just how easy it really can be to build a profitable business fast.

By leading with value people will come to know, like and trust you… which means more potential builders will want to do business with you.

Magnetic Sponsoring Book

Here’s What You Want To Do Next

Contact your warm market first. Everyone you know. That is the best way to sign up a few customers, make a nice retail profit and sponsor a few new, active distributors.

Once you have exhausted your warm market… you now need to decide if you will purchase leads, advertising for leads or create our own MLM lead generation system.

If you decide to buy leads, be prepaid to spend up to $10 or more for a good, high-quality lead.

You should also be prepared to pick up the phone, sift, soft and qualify for both interest and the financial ability to get started.

It works, if you work it. But chances are you will burn out pretty fast AND you may find it very challenging to get a team that duplicates this model.

It is much, much better is to learn how to get people to call you and ask to learn more.

Which is where our Magnetic Sponsoring review comes in.

With this system you will discover ways to generate limitless leads and build a huge team fast. Lead prosperity leads to prosperity so the more prospects you expose your business to on a consistent basis… the bigger your business will grow.

Even better, building a business using attraction marketing methods – finding ways to get prospects to actually pick up the phone and call you – is fun. So you will not have too much of challenge getting your team to duplicate. In fact, most of them will thank you for not asking them to hold meetings, chase family and friends or pick up the phone.

Lead prosperity leads to prosperity. Plain and simple. So do what you need to do to review a copy of Mike’s Magnetic Sponsoring book and start generating MLM leads on complete autopilot.

You will get step-by-step instructions and access to both online and offline training methods. Get in, plug in and you will soon master the art and science of promoting (versus prospecting!) using Facebook, blogging, SEO, paid ads and more. Much more. You get it all.

Everything you need to know to take your business to the next level is now at your finger tips.

Click the link and get started today. Now is the time. Get paid what you are worth. Do it now. Because you and your family deserve it.

Failure is no longer an option and when you join today – study and apply – you will be able to write your own 1st class ticket to success.

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