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Need more fresh MLM leads?

What if you could find a way to produce 100+ leads per day on complete autopilot and get paid even when people do not buy whatever it is your are promoting?

How will your life, business and bank account be different?

Think about that because things are getting ready to change…

Types of MLM Leads

There are three basic types of MLM leads:

  • Warm market contacts
  • Untargeted contacts
  • Targeted inquires

The best person you can approach with your product, service and business opportunity is someone you know. Someone with whom you have a trust relationship. This will usually be a family member, friend, co-worker and even a people you do business with like your doctor, real estate agent and landscaper. These are people who know, like and trust you – so you have earned “an audience” to make a presentation.mlm leads

Most of the leads you buy from an online lead broker will consist of untargeted contact records. For example, when someone opts-in for the opportunity to win a free iPod or maybe even to get paid a few pennies to take a survey… this person may be added to “the list” and resold online any number of times under the guise of being a fresh business opportunity seeker lead. But, unfortunately, they are usually any but.

The best “MLM Leads” you can put your hands on (apart from your warm marketing) are those who have actively requested more information about starting a home based business in general and, ideally, asked for more information about the company, product and business opportunity you are promoting. Targeted leads can be very expensive to purchase. You can expect to pay upwards of $15 to $25 or more for an exclusive lead with full contact information.

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One of the most effective ways to take your network marketing business to the next level is to embrace the art and science of “attraction marketing” as popularized by Mike Dillard in his book: Magnetic Sponsoring. The idea is to stop pitching and selling your opportunity to anyone who can fog a mirror and start attracting people to learn more because they want to learn more.

Meaning, ask yourself this question:

Who is the person MOST LIKELY to invest in what I am promoting if and when they come to know it exists?

Once you have the answer as to WHOM, now you want to find out what specific problems, challenges or information they are ACTIVELY SEARCHING for and make it easy to find the answer you are providing.

Fresh MLM Leads are the Name of the Game

Ask any top producer in the industry what is the secret to success and they will tell something like – you must “show the plan” to at least two new people per day, for 3-5 years, and then you will have set yourself up for life. Which is true, but imagine how fast your business will grow when you learn how to generate 20, 30 even 100+ quality MLM leads on a daily basis!

Back in August of 2010, I joined a program called My Lead System Pro (MLSP) to learn how to do exactly that – use attraction marketing methods to start pulling in 20, 30 even 100+ MLM leads per day… every day… on complete autopilot. I signed up and simply followed the step-by-step instructions.

Within 90 days over 800 people had asked to learn more about the network marketing business I was promoting at the time… I sponsored 12 new distributors who all call me… and we earned an extra $4,000 in affiliate commission that I wasn’t expecting from the MLSP system itself. Bottom line: building a business fast had become fun again. And profitable!

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The first step to generating your own high quality MLM Leads is to learn about the various proven methods of marketing online. This includes using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You should also consider blogging and SEO, video marketing and article marketing. Focus on free traffic methods if you are on a limited budget or, if you really want to get started fast and have a budget – use Youtube promoted videos, Google Adwords and other paid advertising methods.

Once you select a particular marketing method – free or paid – focus on mastering that one method for a period of 3-6 months. By limiting yourself to just one or two specific marketing methods (like attraction marketing) – you will eliminate most of  overwhelm and confusion that results from spreading yourself to thing. Plus, by focusing your efforts, you will get very good… very fast.

You Will Get…

  • Proven Attraction Marketing Methods
  • Lead Prosperity Leads to Prosperity
  • How to Use Free Offers, Splash Pages, Proven Campaigns
  • Earn 30-100% Pure Profit Commissions
  • Get Access to Top Industry Leaders

One of the hardest things to laarn when it comes to building a profitable business is to learn to stop SELLING your product, service and business opportunity and, instead,  find a way of helping people solve their problems. Find the pain and offer a pain reliever. That’s the way to take your business to the next level by creating MLM Leads on demand.

Mike Dillard popularized this concept in his Magnetic Sponsoring course but he left it up to you to implement it. Which is far easier said than done. But you can get started generating your own MLM leads right now by embracing a proven attraction marketing system like My Lead System Pro. You can take a test drive here.

Now, once you start leading with value versus a sales pitch, you may be surprised… no SHOCKED… to discover just how easy it really can be to build a profitable business fast. My leading with value people will come to know, like and trust you… which means more people will want to do business with you.

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Here’s What You Want To Do Next

Contact you warm marketing first. Everyone you know. That is the best way to sign up a few customers, make a nice retail profit and sponsor a few new, active distributors. Once you have exhausted your warm market – you now need to decide if you will purchase leads, advertising for leads or create our own network marketing lead generation system.

If you decide to buy leads, be prepaid to spend up to $10 or more for a good, high-quality shared contact and even more if you require exclusivity. Buying leads, picking up the phone and prospecting works – but it is a slow way to build a business and most people simple do not have the time, energy or skill to make it work well. Better is to learn how to get people to call you and ask to learn more.

And think about this. How many people, on average, do you personally approach per day? An old rule of thumb says if you talk to just two NEW people per day about your business you’ll grow a huge business. But what if you could automatically get the benefits of your product, service or business opportunity in front of a dozen, two dozen, even 100 new people per day. That is what happens when you master MLM leads generation.

Use any keyword research tool (we’ll show you how) and you may be surprised to discover just how many people actually sit down and search for whatever it is you are promoting. Your job is simply to get your offers in front of these hot prospects while they are actively searching and shopping.

Lead prosperity leads to prosperity. Plain and simple. So do what you need to do to start generating MLM leads on complete autopilot. With My Lead System Pro you get step-by-step instructions and access to both online and offline training methods. We host daily leaderships calls, Hangouts and give you 24/7 access to a huge support team. Get in, plug in and you will soon master the art and science of marketing using Facebook, blogging, SEO, paid ads and more. Much more. You get it all.

Everything you need to know to take your business to the next level is now at your finger tips. Click the link and get started today. Now is the time. It is your turn to finally get paid what you are worth. Failure is no longer an option and when you join today – success is right around the corner. Join today. Right here. Right now.

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