Residual Income Formula

Looking for a proven “residual income formula” guaranteed to work?

Good luck with that. No such animal exists.

But the good news is there are a lot of proven WAYS to create a passive, residual income and all you need to do is decided with one or two WAYS you want to embrace… then get in and get busy.residual-income-formulas

There are no GUARANTEED programs because no one has control over the future, the economy, advances in technologies or even over what YOU may or may not do with any potential program.

Make sense?

So if you are okay with the fact there are plenty of proven residual income formula program available… but the only guarantee is the one YOU put on it… let’s a take a much closer look.

Residual Income Formulas Explained

What is residual income anyway?

ReadyRatios answers that question this way:

Investment center

Before understanding the concept and working of residual income along with the examples, it is necessary that we understand the concept of an investment center. Investment center is a division within a business much like a cost center or a profit center. The only difference is that the performance of the manager of the investment center is assessed based on return on investment (ROI) of the division or the Residual income (RI). The use of residual income is usually to assess the performance of a manager of the investment center.

What is residual income?

Residual income is the net operating income that is earned by the investment center. This income is the earning that is above the minimum target return. This means that a residual income is the excess income earned on the return on investment.

Okay, perhaps I can make it a bit more clear.

My name is Rob Fore and since 1996 my wife and I have built five six-figure, even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in our spare time online.

In every case, without exception, we used a simple 5-step residual income formula that has never failed. Ever.

What is residual income? It is where you WORK ONCE and get paid again and again and again.

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Types of Residual Income Formulas

From my experience there are three major ways to make a passive, residual income online.

Build a network marketing business

Focus on affiliate marketing and organic search traffic

Promote 100% commission programs

Lisa and I teach people how to create wealth on the fast using our proven residual income formula by creating multiple streams of income using all three major models.

And it works – if you work it.

There are no shortcuts to success but following a proven residual income model certainly puts the odds of success in your favor.

In fact, one of the fastest…most fool-proof ways to produce the result you are looking for is to find someone already producing that result and simply COPY THEM.

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Since 1996, Rob Fore has built five six-figure, even multiple six-figure businesses working part-time in his spare time online. He is a best-selling author, teacher, trainer, motivational speaker and million dollar income earner in MLM.

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